Monday, 19 December 2011

Visit to Investigate the collection in more detail

 After my first visit, I thought carefully about which areas of the collection I'd most like to work with and decided on the Tinsmith workshop and the hand-knitting collection.

Inspired by the cardboard and metal templates in the tinsmith workshop, I requested a closer look.  By separating these groups of templates, drawing around them to make my own templates, and photographing series of them, I collected visual information to start working with for my commission.

 Pencil marks drawn around the templates.
 Small details of the past, incidentally captured by their use as cardboard templates. 

 Marks made in a lead hammering block in the Tinsmith workshop.
 The face of a wooden mallet.
 The top of a stake - used to shape metal.
 Groups of templates.

 Groups of handles
 A copper kettle under construction.

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