Sunday, 5 February 2012

Experimenting with acid-etching

 Here, a photograph of a hand-knitter of the Dales, is reversed in to a 'negative' image; anything that is white on the original image is now black, and vice versa.  This is vital if the final etching is to appear as a 'positive' image.  Many thanks to the following website for the image I used to test the process.

 Here, I applied the etching resists of some of my own photographs of my model-making process.
 More image etch-resists applied, ready to etch.
 The same bits of metal, now etched....
 This image was achieved by colouring the metal with chemicals rather than etching.
 Here is an example of a photograph of one of the Tinsmith's cardboard templates, etched in to metal. The next step is to cut this shape out around the etched shape.
 Etched knitting image.
 More hand-knitters.
Wool pattern.
 Ball of wool and a wool pattern.
 The Tinsmith template image again, but this time the image is 'stained' in to the surface of the metal using chemicals.

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