Sunday, 5 February 2012

Starting to make samples in metal

In start making template shapes in metal, inspired by the Tinsmith templates in the museum collection.

Using Gilding metal, Copper and silver-plated Gilding metal, I cut shapes out to 'collage' the metal together.  The idea of using already etched, or usually discarded pieces of metal fits with the 'make do and mend' ethos, that permeates the collections at the museum.

 Piercing out hand-written words with a piercing saw.  Although I wrote these words by hand, my intention is to use the hand-written notes evident on the Tinsmith cardboard templates that I photographed at the museum.

 One sample template formed in to a cone shape.  The Tinsmiths would then have soldered forms like these to others to create their kettles, jugs and vases.
 My studio worktop as work is in progress....
 A trial etching of a Tinsmith at work in to the template shapes.  Notice that the image is acid-etched in to the copper part of the shape, but on the silver part, the image is 'stained' in to the surface using chemicals.

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